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Available Shows

  • Burn the Haystack Plus podcast tile

    Burn the Haystack Plus

    Save the Best, Burn the Rest.

  • Phil's Philosophies Plus podcast tile

    Phil's Philosophies Plus

    Welcome to Phil's Philosophies, a podcast hosted by Phillip Warfield, a recent college graduate. On this podcast, you'll listen to authentic conversations about the incredible journeys of some of the most interesting people in the world: artists, filmmakers, deans, professors, survivors of assault, and more. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. My hope is that as the path is made more clear for me, it'll be made more clear for you.

  • A Beautiful Faith Plus podcast tile

    A Beautiful Faith Plus

    It's time to rediscover what makes the Christian faith so beautiful to begin with. Why are we still here when so much seems to have gone wrong throughout the Church's history? When we are tired and worn down from being upset and we are finally ready to move on and rebuild our faith from the ground up, where do we go? How do we do it? This is what A Beautiful Faith is all about. If you're ready to rebuild, rediscover, and fall in love with Jesus all over again, we will help you make that happen.

  • Disruptive Adventism Plus podcast tile

    Disruptive Adventism Plus

    Disruptive Adventism is about interrupting the interruptions of life. With principles, conversations, and lessons to live a better life. We are focusing on bringing different thoughts to life and disrupting the fabric of Adventism. Contact us and support us on

  • Absurdity Premium podcast tile

    Absurdity Premium

    Exploring the absurd in faith, culture, and society, seeking to navigate what it means to be a Christian.


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